Scandinavian Foyer Ideas 2018

Scandinavian style attracts all with its minimalism and original beauty. There is nothing unnecessary in it, and it causes admiration. We offer some stunning Scandinavian foyer ideas, which will amaze you with its beauty, functionality, and simplicity.


Scandinavian Foyer Ideas

nice Scandinavian foyer ideas

The Scandinavian style suggests that quality is much more important than quantity. It is considered one of the simplest styles, but for this, you will have to defeat the habit of filling the house with unnecessary things, like various decor items. But the discipline will be needed since the main thing in the Scandinavian style is practicality.


The designers tried to preserve the Scandinavian style original beauty and combine it with the concept of ergonomics and modernity. Since the conquest of the Scandinavian style in the world, the love for it does not pass with the years, it is still effective due to its undeniable advantages.

The main motifs of the Scandinavian foyer ideas

new Scandinavian foyer ideas

The basic task of creating a Scandinavian interior is to provide maximum space from natural light.

  • Space itself may be small, but it should have large sized windows. This is for the aesthetic natural light value of the Scandinavian peoples that we should not underestimate.
  • Active use of white in the decoration of the Scandinavian foyer ideas. It is the main color used in the white ceiling, and in nearly everything, the same tonality for the walls. The white color is the characteristic Scandinavian-style in the paint. These ideas allow maximum propagation of light in the room, the reflection of the sun’s rays on the white surface allows the light to spread over the entire area of the room.
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new Scandinavian foyer ideas
  • Scandinavian foyer ideas also, opt for the advantageously use natural materials, to produce pieces of decoration items, ceramic and stone surfaces for flooring.
  • Fur and natural textile like cotton, and linen are required to be used as a special protective layer, which is required for wooden Scandavian furniture and for making decorative curtains. If natural materials are not available and you decided to use artificial analogs, they should ideally mimic natural raw materials.
new Scandinavian foyer ideas
  • Use simple but functional furniture, extremely comfortable, and modest design is the best Scandinavian foyer ideas. No hint of luxury and wealth, the basic task of any element in the interior becomes practical to use. Even the decorative items carry functional loads.

Simple Scandinavian foyer ideas

simple Scandinavian foyer ideas

The criteria for the use of Scandinavian style in the preparation of the design area must be a reflection of the human nature, which is necessary to reflect the concept of beauty, comfort, simplicity and aesthetic, which must be serving the needs of the interior.

The Color palette

best Scandinavian foyer ideas

You do not need puzzles on the choice of colors and make a harmonious combination of them. The combination of white and black and in some cases dark gray with wooden surfaces will help to form the basis for Scandinavian interior creation. White and black colors are ideal for creating a contrasting design. Of course, black acts as a controlling and measured emphasis on white tones.

The furniture

new Scandinavian foyer ideas

One piece of large-sized furniture, like a seat, chair with a pair of small interior elements, like a coffee table on light colored backgrounds and glossy will be perfect for your Scandinavian foyer. The wood furniture is most used to add the contrast that brings the natural warmth in the atmosphere of the room. Tables and chairs, made of light wood types like pine, oak, and ash are used as finishing materials for furniture production and as raw materials.

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The curtains

new Scandinavian foyer ideas

For the rooms that are decorated in Scandinavian style, you can often see window openings without any curtains. This choice is usually used to remove any obstacle in the way of sun rays to accommodate the maximum amount of natural light, but as a window decorating element you can use a curtain of delicate white tulle.

Fabrics and textile

nice Scandinavian foyer ideas

Usually, natural linen or cotton are used for upholstered types of furniture, like light stools or sofas. As an emphasis, you can use cushions made with a simple design.


If you have a large Scandinavian foyer with a high ceiling, the perfect solution will be a bright chandelier. If there is a dome under the chandelier in the ceiling, then it will be logical to consider painting this element with white color. if the foyer was small a floor lamp will be good.

Rugs and carpets

best Scandinavian foyer ideas

The best to use for your Scandinavian foyer are the rugs and carpets that are handmade from natural materials. you can do it yourself after reading our article about the super cool DIY rugs you can make in no time


a simple piece of decoration could be a piece of furniture or textile, a large potted plant or wall decor with colorful pictures, family photos in a brilliant frame will make your foyer looks great.





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