15 Modern Round Beds Designs – Circle Beds 2017

Round Beds

The Round beds play an effective and vital role in your bedroom. They add a magic and gorgeous touch in your room as well as they save the space. Also, they make you feel peace and harmony. This will be a great way to make something unusual in your bedroom.

So, if you are looking forward to enjoying these features of round beds, have a look at these splendid designs of these circle beds with different sizes, and choose what meet your needs. Take advantage of these kinds of round beds; regarding round king size bed, round mattress and different elegance round beds designs.

Best Round Beds 2017

Round Bed designs

This luxurious round bed design adds an incredible simplicity to your bedroom.The frame is made out of solid wood, and the headboard is made out of premium top quality cattle leather. Its exterior frame is made of smooth black polish, while the interior frame is a crisp white. Amazingly, it is mixed between both rectangular and circular mattresses.

contemporary round bed ideas 2017

Actually, this black modern round bed is a treasure find. It includes a padded headboard and storage drawers. Surprisingly, this round bed offers you many useful contents as a complete bed set package all in one. The most important matter about black color of this design is that it is suited to any designs of various bedrooms; especially, those of light colors on the floors and walls.

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best round beds designs 2017

This beautiful and marvelous round bed is designed, especially, for lovers. It is called the Red Heart bed. It has many features that make it so playful as it made out of genuine leather the outer edges of the bed curve. The name of this Red Heart bed comes out from the shape of its headboard which represents the top form of the heart.

Circle Beds 2017

Take a look at this selection of the latest circle beds designs & ideas for 2017.

Round King Size Beds

 Round King size bed

Here, we offer you some of the latest designs of round king size beds; presenting their features and advantages for you to enjoy your sleeping on it.

1- This is one the most elegant and advantageous king round bed. It is so simple and wide, so you will move freely while sleeping. Moreover, it is so wide as it is mixed between both circular and rectangular mattresses.

Modern Red round bed

2- This Royal Round Bed boasts a vibrant design that can add colors and touch of modernity to any bedroom interior design. It is made of high quality of hardwood, so its structure is stable. The most significant landmark in this kind of round beds is its high headboard that is suitable for reading, watching TV as well as lounging in the bed.

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modern round bed furniture

3- This King Modern design round bed is provided with impressive high headboard. Also, this contemporary round bed has buttery soft leather, along with two nightstands. It is made of high-quality, eco-friendly leather. Moreover, the headboard is designed in sharp details that create an impressive finish for this circle bed.

Round Mattress

White round beds designs

The circle is the symbol of harmony and comfort which are necessary for any bedroom. Therefore, there are many ideas to choose the convenient round mattress for your bedroom.

  • Put in your consideration the size of the room and the design style of the interior.
  • Round beds are complemented with the other elements design of the room whether they are ceiling, carpets, podiums, pillows or lamps. Furthermore, elegant bedding sets for round bed are necessary if you would like to add an excellent taste and create a cozy fashionable round bed in your bedroom.
  • To create a harmonious interior design for your room with the round bed, use round shapes in other furniture pieces; such as footstools, table tops, mirrors, floor mats, elements of the cabinets, decorative ornaments.
  • For more coziness and stylish, you need to accessorize the round bed with fluffy pillows and the most softness texture.



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