Value Tips Before Choose The Overhead Door – Must Read It

Overhead Door

Your overhead door is the largest moving part of your house. To avoid causing damage after opened by an intruder or fall, Today on our blog ” Decorationy” We recommend that you follow these safety and repair tips.

Value Tips Before Choose The Overhead Door - must read it

Your garage door normally used daily, so you must maintain it and choose a garage door secure and reliable to ensure that lasts years without spending a lot of money buying another one in a short time. Especially that of the largest moving part in your House, you should pay attention to avoid many problems later:

Overhead garage Door safety tips :

1. lubrication the overhead door:
Lubricate all moving parts every year is essential. And make sure you put the correct amount of the excess lubricant causes accumulation of dirt. Clean the Rails with a damp cloth.
2. clean your garage door:
You must clean the garage door down inside and out to protect it and not the accumulation of dirt and dust which causes rapid damage. And then clean it with a mild detergent diluted in water. Rinse all this with water using a garden hose.
3. testing the automatic closer device :
Automatic closer test of your garage door opener once a month.
4. water and snow:
Water to the bottom of your overhead door can lead to the formation of rust on a metal door or rot the wood door. Make sure that your water gutters lead away from the door and ground slope draining in his direction. And shoveling snow until it melts and freezes again at garage door entrance

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5. test the Springs:
Pull the cord or press the lever for cutting him open. Now you should be able to close the door in the middle of the road, and it is in position, with a pleasant suggestion above or less than half a decade.
If the door back or continues to go down, ask a professional to adjust spring tension.

Overhead Door

6. Repair The Springs :
The weight of the garage door torsion spring offset located above the door or a pair of horizontal traction Springs above the Rails.
These springs very tense can hurt you if you break or come loose. If you have modified or repaired, contact a garage door Installer. Make always replace both springs at one time.

Overhead Doors
7. Garage door repair:
When you repair a garage door, opened it and cut off the power supply. Then put in clamps or pliers on Rails and under one of the door rollers to lock the door in place. And it’s safer to keep the door open by block or stick.
8. Game for kids:
Why do kids think that garage doors surface is ideal for improving his batting average? Bullets can dent the metal doors, as well as reduce and hinder any garage door parts. Install basketball above the door is not a good idea at all.


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