8 Outdoor Jacuzzi Inspirational Trends 2017 / 2018

Outdoor Jacuzzi

The outdoor Jacuzzi is ideal for an evening of relaxation, but also for a sunny day to spend with friends or alone. In the garden or on the terrace you can enjoy any time of day a pleasant Jacuzzi by yourself, with your family or friends. It is important to know well the space that is available due to its relevance when selecting the model of Jacuzzi.


If you like spending time with your friends it is important that the Jacuzzi can offer a sufficient number of places to receive them with comfort. We will help you to choose the one which will fit your needs.


deck-with-hot-tub outdoor jacuzzi trends 2017

The most important thing to do before buying a new one is always checking the water flow rate and total current absorption. And this collection of outdoor shower ideas will give you the best outdoor ideas so you can get the most out of your outdoor space.

Outdoor jacuzzi
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You can choose between the modern and innovative design that has new jets inserted across its range and also easier to use thanks to a new control system and can accommodate up to 5 people. This Jacuzzi has made the whirlpool even more effective in the back, enhancing even the neck, legs and feet thanks to the rotating jet that generates well-being.

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The classic type is characterized by continuous curves that develop a fluid motion and make the elegant environment guarantee the ultimate relaxation. Limelight tanks are also equipped with lounge chairs, chromotherapy and the ability to create fountains.

outdoor jacuzzi night
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The light outdoor Jacuzzi, so easy to carry and dismantle. The model can hold up to six people. Equipped with led lighting with the ability to put colored lights to make chromotherapy. It has a directional jet that works for both large and medium flow.

wooden outdoor jacuzzi trends

The In-basin Jacuzzi consists of five relaxed locations. Also equipped with various massage nozzles in the most important parts of the body. Moreover, the tub can accommodate up to five people.

Outdoor Jacuzzi hot tubs

In some models of the outdoor Jacuzzi, it is possible to heat the water through a solar panel or a heat exchanger. Paneling is usually made of synthetic or teak, very often in different finishes. They are designed to have on average 4 seats. One of which is longer: ergonomic and equipped with an anatomic head rest. Allowing you to fully enjoy the pleasant action of the hydro massage jets. The flows of which varies with intensity and reach.

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outdoor unique jacuzzi trend

Some types also have underwater ledges of different colors that create an evocative atmosphere; others also feature aromatherapy and ozone therapy. Certain models can be equipped with audio systems with loudspeakers to listen to music even underwater.

exotic outdoor jacuzzi trends 2017

The outdoor Jacuzzi types are enveloping and equipped with external weatherproof coatings and with integrated thermal insulation. They are available in the freestanding or recessed version.

Outdoor Jacuzzi- trends 2017 Large

Garden jacuzzi
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