45 Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Living room wall decor

In decorating living rooms pay attention for wall decor at first, that will help you in making a beautiful living room design easily if you decorated you living room wall with modern and stylish decorations you’ll have luxurious interior design for your room, Wall is the most obvious element in the living room so if you use it well that means you make the job easy for you to finish decorating or furnishing your living rooms. Decorator and Interior designer experts always suggest that the room wall decor is the first thing catch your eyes in the room. So, if you are planning to decorate your living room this is the right place to start.


In This article, we will show you Inspirational living room wall decorating ideas that will help you in the living room decorating job and make it easy with some tips and photos that don’t need experts or professional to do the room decorating.


Living room wall decor ideas by using mirrors and floating shelves

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

If you want to make anything perfect pay attention to small details, and how to do that for  wall decor that what we will show you. Before you start to explore family room design ideas and you may read more about how to decorate the living room wall. No one likes blank walls but there are rules before you dress up your blank wall. First, Don’t fill your wall with decorations use simple decoration to make your room looks stylish without using making the wall crowded and unorganized. Then, you have to make your wall decorations equal on both sides of the wall or placed centered. Also, you have to choose the suitable size of decorations you will use on the living room wall. Pay attention to your room size, because small living room needs to use smaller decor at the wall to make the room size looks bigger. The living room color schemes have to be consistent with the wall decor to make your room luxurious.

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Now you can take a look at this collection of the latest living room wall decor ideas, Make your living room wall modern and you will have a stylish living room interior design.

Beautiful and stylish wall decor ideas for living rooms

How to choose living room wall decor?

  • Use light colors: Don’t fill your living room wall with various colors, that will be annoying eyes, Use harmonic color schemes in the room and use bright colors for small living rooms to make it stylish and look bigger too.
  • If you have stairs in living room don’t make it traditional, Use a creative decoration for the stairs such as adding shelves or storage that will be practical and stylish.
  • The living room is the most used place in the house, so you have to care about storage options, that will allow you to store your usually used stuff while seating in it.
  • Mirror on one wall to make the room looks amazing and the mirrors will reflect the light and make the room brighter. Also, Mirrors are great for small rooms.
  • Use one eye-catcher on the living room wall, Ensure that you have only one big eye catcher decor in the wall to avoid the crowded decoration and make the wall design luxury and classic.
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We collected a selection of various decorating ideas for living room walls, that will be inspirational for start decorating it, Browse the photos below to get inspired and know what the latest decoration ideas and trends in 2016 / 2017.

White living room wall ideas

living room wall ideas for TV

Wall decorations for living room ideas

Best wall decor for living rooms

Simple wall decorations for living rooms

Unique living room wall decor ideas big green eye sticker

Unique living room wall big clock

Living room wall decorating ideas

Stylish living room wall portraits ideas

Rustic living room wooden wall

Stylish wall decor ideas

Cute living room wall sticker flowers

Modern living room wall decor ideas

Modern wall decor for luxury living rooms

Beautiful living room wall decorating ideas 2017

Nice living room wall decor ideas

Living room wall ideas

Living room walls

Living room wall shelves

Living room wall mirrors

Photo portrait for living room wall

Living room wall ideas family tree wall art

Creative living room wall decorating ideas

Living room fireplace wall decor ideas

Living room decorating wall with hanged vases

Living room wall ideas

Living room wall stickers

Living room decorating walls with stones

living room wall decor ideas

Living room wall colors

Living room wall decoration ideas

Grey living room wall decor ideas 2017

Family tree wall art decor ideas

Modern wall decor ideas for living rooms

Cute living room wall with wall stickers

Decorating living room wall

DIY Decorating living room wall by using plates

DIY living room wall decor

Contemporary wall decor ideas for living rooms

City themed living room decor ideas for walls

Decorating living room walls

Living room wall decoraing ideas


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