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Best Living Room Chairs Types With Pictures

Best Living Room Chairs Types With Pictures

Living room chairs

Living room chairs are a basic element in the decoration of any living room. The living room is the common room in your home which gathers family and friends to hang out, relax and enjoy time together.

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A variety of seating options is available with chairs varying in color, size, and style. Whatever your taste, you will surely find something that suits your needs. and you can explore this collection of modern living room furniture that will help you to make the right choice.

living room chairs styles

You can use one of these living room chairs types in your house, to get a special living room.


nice living room chairs                      

The recliner is an ideal place to relax and lay up your feet after a long day. The back of these armchairs leans backward and a footrest rises when you either lean back in the chair or pull a lever.

living room chairs designs

They are made of a metal frame that is covered with various fabrics and leather upholstery that contains many colors and patterns. You will surely find something that fits your design wishes. take a look at this living room color schemes to know more about latest trends 2018.

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Wingback Chair

Wingback living room chairs

A wingback chair provides a more formal look for your living room. These stuffed chairs have high back and wings function that extends from the back of the chair to protect your head while sitting in the chair.

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The wings were originally intended to provide protection and attach heat around the body. Today they are more often used for their style rather than function. Wingback chairs are also available in a variety of styles, colors, and fabrics.

Rocking chairs

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Rocking chairs that have two curved bands that sit on the underside of the legs, making the chair cut back and forth.

living room chairs types

They are made of a variety of materials including wood, rattan and metal frames covered with fabric. Rocking chairs are a comfortable and relaxed seating option for a living room.

Chaise longue

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A chaise lounge chair provides comfort and elegance in a living room. The name means “long chair”. It’s like a couch, because it has a long seating area, but resembles a chair because it has a single back. It can be formal or informal and it is a perfect place where you can relax.

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Louis chair

simple living room chairs

It is lightweight and comfortable, with a wide seat and lower back legs, and armrests with curved shapes. It is a comfortable chair that adds art touch to the living room

living room chairs design


The armchairs types are covered with silk, satin, printed fabrics.

The cabriolet armchair

cool living room chairs

It is a semi-circular chair with a violin-shaped backrest and padded armrests. Convenient and small in size, it fits perfectly into small, intimate rooms.

cool living room chairs



cozy living room chairs

It is a soft and wide chair with low armrests (sometimes may be absent). This is a comfortable chair, but quite heavy. Therefore, for frequent rearrangement, such furniture is hardly suitable.

The chair-throne

cool living room chairs

it is a chair with a high back and arms, giving it a solemn appearance. This chair is quite massive, which means it will not be convenient to move it. The chair-throne fits well into the classic interior and is great for people of high stature and large build.

The important thing about the living room chairs is to choose them to fit with the design and the decoration of your house.


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