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Best Kitchen Cabinets Ideas For 2020

Best Kitchen Cabinets Ideas For 2020

Refreshing your kitchen cabinets design makes you satisfied with your kitchen appearance for a while, but this won’t last for so long, at least, in most cases.

I don’t mean that you don’t have to change your kitchen cabinets. All you have to do is choosing the best design that would stay awesome for many years.

Here, we are introducing the best kitchen cabinet ideas for 2020. Feel free to pick one of them to keep your kitchen modern for the next decade.

2020 kitchen cabinets

Kitchen With Open Shelves :

This design is dominating since 2019 and still going up, especially because people now tend to use the most simple designs.

A Few years ago, we were trying to hide our kitchen items and show the decoration of the kitchen cabinetry, but this has changed, as most of us tend to show the dishes and cups as a part of the decoration.

One of the most important pros of this design is the fact that it can fit in the wide and small kitchens.

A lot of experts believe that the open shelving design is going to be viable for the next few years.

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Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets:

Does it sound familiar and traditional? Well, maybe the shaker style is a bit old, but this style is always viable as the cabinets won’t be the main decoration.

Because of its simplicity, this kind of kitchen cabinets will reflect and focus on the rest of the kitchen design.

You can use this type of cabinets with a modern countertop, colorful floor, and well-decorated walls. In this combo, the cabinets will be secondary and won’t dominate over the kitchen design.

Kitchen Cabinets With Transparent Doors :

This style has been one of the best kitchen cabinets’ designs for a few years, as it still shows the kitchen items and has the option to add some stylish doors.

Even if it may seem like a traditional design, it can synergize with the white color (or any bright color) to appear as modern design.

This combo will also trick you to see the kitchen as if it’s wider than it really is.

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Kitchen Cabinetry With A Flat Panel Door :

Kitchen cabinets come with frameless simple doors without any decoration. This style has been popular as a part of the minimalist trend that has been up for a very few years.

It fits very well with the smaller kitchens, as it doesn’t have a lot of items.

With these super simple cabinets, your kitchen will look modern and you won’t need to pay a lot of money on decoration.


Do you want to change your kitchen cabinets design and feel a bit confused? Well, the variety of designs out there might make you a bit puzzled, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

This variation will also allow you to pick a kitchen design that fits you more, as it gives you more options.

You can benefit from the best kitchen cabinets ideas that we gave you, then choose the design that fits your kitchen size and furniture.

Do You Have Any Other Ideas For Kitchen Cabinetry Design? Tell Us In The Comments!


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