Home Cleaning Tips Learn how to clean wood floors by easy steps

Learn how to clean wood floors by easy steps

Learn how to clean wood floors by easy steps

how to clean wood floors

The flooring is one of the basic elements of home decor, no less important than decorations of walls or furniture to making an aesthetic touch to your home, and many people choose the parquet or wood flooring that reflected the warmth and elegance, but may be many problems for not knowing the ways of caring for it and clean it. Today in this article learn how to clean wood floors through some tips that will make it easier for you to clean up and get a satisfactory result.

how to clean wood floors
wooden floors cleaning


Cleaning the wooden floors must be carefully and gently without using detergents or other harmful products. In fact, wood floors easily damaged because of overuse cleaning with water or scratching of using sharp tools. this some tips ti learn how to clean wood floors.

Step by step learn how to clean wood floors :

1. essential oils:
To avoid using detergents in cleaning the wooden floors, you can add 10 drops of oil of your choice to 4 liters of water. Like a lavender oils, pine, lemon, tea tree. Essential oils are naturally antiseptic and have a great smell.

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2. Microfiber cloth:
You can use a cloth lightly moistened Microfiber in warm water and squeeze it well. Passes on the floor to collect dust and rub a little longer to remove stains easily. Then dry afterward with a soft cloth and dry.

3. Green tea:
Natural remedy for polishing parquet and the best way to how to clean wood floors from green tea. Set up a regular dose of green tea using a tea packet for 500 ml of boiling water. Leave the liquid to cool down and then use it with a soft cloth to clean parquet and wooden floors.

4. baking soda:
To remove marks and scratches left on the surface of shoes, you can resort to baking soda. Sprinkle critical points with baking soda and sprinkle a solution consisting of water and vinegar in equal proportions. The amount depends on the size of the areas to be treated. Let the slight, rising through a piece of cloth or sponge to remove the marks .

5. white vinegar and SOAP:
If you want to make a DIY detergent suitable for parquet and wooden floors, pour in 4 liters of water 50 ml of white vinegar and a tablespoon of SOAP flakes. Use warm water and stir the ingredients well so that the melted SOAP. and use this liquid to clean wooden floors or parquet

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6. remove the wax by using alcohol:
To remove all traces of wax from wood floors or parquet you can use small amounts of alcohol. Passing on the effects of wax with a cloth until fully removed.

7. lemon juice:
Lemon juice is one of the natural useful ways for polishing the parquet and wooden floors. You can mix the lemonade spoon with olive oil 1 tbsp. Apply this mixture to the dry land after cleaning with a soft cloth and moistened.

8. how to remove scratches:
It can easily form the floors from scratches. Block, don’t forget to apply felt pads under chairs and tables to the kitchen or living room tables. When the zero point is now, if the color is lighter than the floor, a law that covered by felt-tip the same color of flooring

Do you have more ways to clean parquet? Do you have more tips? Share your opinion about how to clean wood floors.


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