Home Cleaning Tips How to clean slate floors ? 3 Simple Tips

How to clean slate floors ? 3 Simple Tips

How to clean slate floors ? 3 Simple Tips
How to clean slate floors ? in 3 simple tips.

How to clean slate floors

If you have Slate floors or planning to have one, it will provide your interior design with a beautiful design, but you will face some problems like cleaning it from dirt or maintenance scratches.

Before you start cleaning slate floor, you have to be sure that it`s not too dirty, Coating floor with a good sealer that will keep liquids from penetrating stones. Also, it will give the floor high gloss finish.

So these are some important tips you should know to clean your natural slate floors easily and without significant effort.

How to clean slate floors and tiles
How to clean slate floors ? in 3 simple tips.

1. Warm water
That`s is called ” regular cleaning for Slate ” you can use warm water it will be perfect for dust or soft-bristle brooms. You have to be sure that loose debris removed by sweeping the floor, and you can use soft dust mop it will do the job well, ¬†you should keep the floor air-dry and while drying doesn’t step on it.

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2. Dust mop
Use High-quality dust mop, stay away from oil based products; you should take care of the floor traffic and location and how much it must be dry-mopping floors daily.

3- Vacuuming slate floors
It`s always possible for slate floors using soft brush attachment it will make you avoid scratches or other damage.


Some Inspiration Slate floors Cleaning ( Before & After):

You can see how much difference does it make in making a beautiful and lively flooring. That will make your room more contemporary and relaxed; you will feel comfy while walking on soft floor tiles after cleaning.

How to clean slate floors

Cleaning Slate Tiles Tips & Ideas

Things you shouldn’t do when you clean your slate floor.

After you know How to clean slate floors? You should take a look at these simple tips that you should not do.

  • Avoid scrub brushes to prevent damage and scratches on the floor. You can use mob or sponges, etc.
  • Don’t use acidic cleaners like vinegar that does damages in the stone.
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