How to choose your house colors successfully?

house colors

Do you ask yourself how to mix your house colors successfully?
it may seem complicated at first, so you’ll feel confused when choosing the painting colors, especially if you’re a fan of elegance and sophistication. so today in this article we will try to help you through some of the suggestions for a set of colors that you can mix them together to get a House with a distinctive appearance, stylish and successful interiors.

decorating any room not complete whatever the furniture pieces elegant and classy without perfect mix between the walls, the floors , furniture, and furnishings.
how to choose your house colors



the Best Interior House Color Trends in 2016:

1. Brown Color :
Brown and beige colors so characteristic feature sophistication and elegance; and to complete interior home decor must not neglect choose accessories and furniture with these two colors to mixing with the colors of the walls and flooring.
Using mirrors and large chandelier whether modern or classic with lampshades with a simple touch of nature by placing the plants in the room will give you the desired result aspects of distributed and get the best House color suitable for trends in 2016.

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brown living room painting color
Brown interior house colors idea


2. mix hot and cold colors:
If the room to be formatted more cool colors can add a special touch of hot colors like red or orange, and you can use them in accessories as pieces of furniture in the room decorations and lights or you can choose a large piece of furniture or small pieces one of the warm colors, such as choosing a modern sofa with orange or red color or a hot color.
The combination of hot and cold colors will make you feel comfortable and at the same time get a consistent, modern house colors.
The combination of cool color as gray and warm color as Orange will reach your perfect appearance of your room where the diverse appearance .

hot and worm color decoration
Warm house colors ideas


3. colorful paintings:
You can also use large painting ideas where the combination of a large number of colors with a distinctive appearance. In this case, you can simply choose the two colors from the colors of the furniture and the rest of the painting will get a special room with a consistent color.

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best interior house colors ideas
interior house colors mixing ideas fit in white rooms


4. blue and Green:
Blue and light green colors are give your home a sense of calm and relaxation, you can blend them in neutral colors and especially Brown or beige to get a result. Just make sure to employ dark colors in the middle of the room while being lighter walls to avoid feeling boring and lethargy.

kids room painting color
green and blue interior house colors idea


colorful bedroom
bedroom painting color ideas according to house colors trend 2016


5. White color:
If you prefer quiet and doesn’t like many colors, you choose the combination of white and gray would be the appropriate selection.
You can, in this case, be solved quietly, room amounts by using embossed wallpaper of the same colors or use patterned furniture whether seats or carpets; you can also use simple touches of green, pink or Golden special status as one of the mirrors.

white bedroom
bedroom wallpaper ideas


white dining room painting
dining room wall decorating


, There are many other ideas will be shown in the next articles, now did you like these ideas for house colors? If you have other ideas,we are happy if you share us your ideas.


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