DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas and Crafts 2017

DIY Halloween Decoration

The Halloween is a fantastic opportunity to get a lot of fun with our friends and family decorating our homes and having a good time together. You and your family members and friends always try to invent new Halloween decoration that never gets old. For that reason, today we have chosen a selection of Halloween decoration ideas and easy crafts with simple steps and budget-friendly. Read on for some influence that would change the way you meet the Halloween.

Halloween decoration

Do you know the origins of the Halloween party? Halloween is a celebration of Celtic origin. Originally, October 31 was the day of the observance of the Celtic new year. Considered the day with the longest night of the year, ghosts are enjoyed to “cuckoo” with the living. For their part, to protect themselves, people dressed up to scare the ghosts and make them leave. Of our days, less and fewer people believe in ghosts, but the tradition of dressing up continues its existence. In principle, it is mainly in English-speaking countries that this celebration is part of the most traditional customs. However, these days Halloween is invited in France, and several people there take advantage to take part in the fun.

halloween decoration 2016
Halloween ideas Halloween decoration

Halloween decoration ideas

To praise the Halloween holiday with family & friends, consider DIY Halloween decoration ideas for your interior theme inside the house and outside your doorstep. For there are many ideas that you can do it yourself (DIY). You will be amazed how easy it can get!

DIY Halloween decoration bars

Nowadays, it is effortless to buy decorative objects from stores. Retailers offer a wide selection of Crowns, statues, costumes, masks, etc. The problem is that often lacks creativity, or it is costly. So it is mostly the best choice to think of small budget and a big imagination. There are always solutions.

You need some materials in your house to be able to DIY some of these ideas: Tissue paper, cardboard, cardboard boxes, old magazines, sunglasses, old bags, fabrics, scissors and glue, and anything else you think could help.

There are always things we store in our homes that we no longer need or use. You can always give these stuff a second life by turning them into useful materials for the Halloween decoration process. To complete your inventory objects creation, it is always possible to go out and pick up dead leaves, apples and pine branches from trees.

Here in the following pictures, you will find creative Halloween decoration ideas and DIY crafts for kids:

Halloween decoration DIY projects

From the most expensive to the cheapest and most creative Halloween DIY ideas. Here are some of the best Halloween DIY projects. Whether the simple or the ones that take time, each of which will enrich your house with the spirit of Halloween and reward you with happy expressions from all the visitors on this special holiday.

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1# Yarn Pumpkins:
When it comes dark, and you are having some after dinner chatting with the family, the lights decorating on that moment should be precious once you use yarn pumpkins to light up the Halloween evening!

Halloween decorations ideas


  • Orange cotton Yarn, to be cut 21 pieces each at 36 inches.
  • 12- inch balloons, to be blown at a balance. Not too large, not too small.
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glue, 2 ounces.
  • It would take 24 hours to dry out

How to DIY Halloween Yarn Pumpkins.

You can use other colors as well, yellow and red are the closest to orange. But the red ones will eventually look like an apple so dismiss it if you do not want that.

  1. Blow up your balloons to an equal size. Make sure it’s neither too large for the more yarn you’ll need nor too small for the more egg shape it’ll look.
  2. Cut out about 21 wool pieces at 36-inch
  3. Begin with the first pumpkin, tie a piece of yarn to the end of a balloon. Then hang it from a handle. Put an old towel underneath to protect your house from draining glue later on.
  4. Pour your glue in a small bowl. You can add some corn starch or flour just to give your pumpkins stiffer – Optional
  5. Get another yarn piece and dunk it in the glue, swirl it around with a fork.
  6. Now hold the end of it and run it between the tines of the fork- To remove the extra glue.
  7. Hold that yarn end and wind it around the top of the balloon, press down to secure it till you finish winding all the piece around the balloon.
  8. Find somewhere safe to hang all of your pumpkins to dry out- away from children.
  9. After 24H, hold the dried yarn carefully and press down on the balloon itself to detach it from the yarn. Do that for the entire surface of it.
    Now make a tiny hole on the knot of the balloon, so the air leaks slowly without ruining your pumpkin.
  10. Finally pull the balloon through one of the openings in the yarn, carefully.
    Wrap the pipe cleaners around your baby finger. Tuck the end of it into the yarn- No have to glue

2# Black flowers for Halloween:
Dark flowers would be so compatible with the Halloween theme! So think about having at least one pot or vase with black paper flowers inside the living room. In fact, here is a simple tutorial on how to craft dark Halloween flowers!

black halloween flowers - halloween decorations


  • Double sided tape/ floral tape
  • Black crepe paper streamers.
  • Floral wire
  • A bowl, pot or a vase.

How to DIY black Halloween flowers:

  1. Bend an 18-inch floral wire in half, wrap the tape around the bent end.
  2. Hold a streamer’s tip without cutting it off the roll yet. Wrap it four times around the wire to create the inner bud.
  3. Make sure you’re wrapping it around the wire itself, so it makes a shape of a flower and the petals fan out from the top.
  4. Continue till you get a full flower.
  5. Finally, cut the roll and secure the flower with floral tape.
  6. Repeat until you fill your bowl with blooms.
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3# Black Halloween Candles:
Using black candles for Halloween would enrich the Halloween theme and add an important touch to the black flowers and other Halloween ideas we have shown to you.

black candles for Halloween decorationTools: 

  • Candles
  • Handles
  • Skull
  • Black spray if needed

How to DIY black candles for Halloween:

The black tools can be found in stores. Yet if you already have them but not in black, or if you did not find the black version of them and you are in a hurry. Then your choice is easy, just buy them as they are, and paint them with a black spray.

4# Black Halloween wreath
Create a Halloween theme decoration using black candles, flowers and add the final touch with a black wreath on your front door. The other ideas would include pumpkins, spiders, and other spooky shaped objects around the house. Who knows? You can even make ghost shapes with white fabrics. See the below gallery

I like those ideas, especially if you cover your furniture with white covers. After applying those Halloween decorations, I think that what you would be missing!But first, let’s see how to DIY black Halloween wreath.

  • 18″ straw wreath form
  • Two 10 yard packages of black feather
  • Black feather boa – a touch of fluffy texture to the wreath
  • Scissors
  • hot glue gun + glue sticks
  • Ribbon for the final touch

How to make a Halloween feather wreath:

  1. Heat your glue gun.
  2. Cut the feather trim into four five-yard sections
  3. Now apply small sections of glue to the wreath form and quickly press the first section of the feather into the glue. Hold until cooled out.
  4. Continue that way around the wreath leaving a 3-inch gap between the feather sections.
  5. The gaps are left for the feather boa later on…
  6. All along you are making sure the feathers are overlapping on the wreath and hiding it.
  7. Cut feather boa into four pieces using the scissors
  8. After that, start applying hot glue to one of the gaps and quickly wrap a piece of feather boa around it.
  9. Repeat until you have covered all the gaps left.
  10. For the final touch, make a bow with the ribbon, hold it with glue, stick it where you prefer on the wreath… Hang the wreath on the door and Walla! Finished your final DIY Halloween decoration project!


Now take a look at these other Halloween decor ideas to get some extra inspiration.


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