Fountain Buying Tips for the Garden

Fountain Buying Tips

A bubbling fountain in your garden isn’t just a fantastic focal point but offers tranquility and relaxation in the great outdoors. These fountains are easy to set up and can provide hours of pleasure!

There are numerous fountain styles to choose from, and regardless of your personal tastes, whether it’s vintage kitsch or classically romantic, you will find the perfect fit for your garden.

tips for buying the right fountains

Choosing A Fountain Design

An outdoor water feature for your garden can be manufactured from a number of materials such as the expensive cement to the more affordable ceramic and hard-wearing resin. You’ll also need to determine whether you prefer a wall-mounted fountain, one on a pedestal, or a fountain firmly on the ground.

If you have a sunroom, deck or a porch, you can get handy and employ a do-it-yourself method of creating a tabletop fountain. Using old containers or pots can become an artistic focal point in your space.

Interested in creating your own fountain? Just use our Community to learn the steps!

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Tips For Finding The Right Water Feature

  1. Determine early on whether you’d like a solar powered fountain or an electric one. You can place your fountain anywhere if the power source is electric, however, special care must be taken to find the right spot to use a solar fountain. You must select an area that’s sunny for six or more hours per day to charge your fountain.
  2. A level spot is ideal for a fountain to ensure no spills or mishaps. You can ensure that an area is a level by installing pavers. In the off chance that no area is level enough, you may wish to opt for a wall-mounted fountain.
  3. A fountain can also double as a bird bath, but make sure to choose either a pedestal or a wall-mounted design as birds enjoy privacy. If you have pets, it’s important to ensure they won’t disturb the birds. Set up your fountain in a quiet spot that still allows for easy viewing!
  4. If you’re ready to incorporate a fountain into your garden, just make sure to properly maintain it. Water quickly evaporates, so you must regularly refill your fountain and keep it free of debris. Placing a stocking over the pump can also help keep your fountain cleaner for a longer time.


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