20 Cool Easter Egg Decorating Ideas 2018

Easter Egg

One of the most important manifestations of the Easter is Easter desserts and  Easter egg coloring it is a beautiful and different usually. You cannot imagine spring or Easter without Easter eggs. Spring egg decorating has a variety of forms, including the traditional way is the egg coloring ideas or use adhesive photos or write congratulatory phrases and beautiful words for Easter day such as “Happy Easter” there are more and more of Easter Egg decorating ideas that depend on the creativity of each one and his celebration.

Happy Easter day 2016
Simple Easter egg decorating ideas with beautiful greeting words

You have full creative freedom. Review images displayed below to get inspired to your individual eggs ideas! All you need is some technical skills and imagination.

You can make Easter egg decorating along with your kids; there will be a lot of fun for them.
The traditional way to decorate eggs for Easter: boil the eggs first then the dye is a beautiful color such as red, blue and other beautiful colors. You can use your paint brush with paint Easter eggs and apply your creative styles.

In addition to all of traditional Easter egg decorations ideas, there are many beautiful ideas from other countries, easy to create a unique atmosphere for the Easter table. We recommend that you get out of the ordinary this year and choose a new and innovative methods of Easter egg decorating ideas to give more joy and happiness to your family. Here are some favorite choices ideas for decorating Easter eggs:

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Easter Egg Decorating

Today we give you 9 Easter egg decorating ideas with a new and innovative forms:

spring Eggs ideas
decorate eggs with Scraps of paper

1. decorate eggs with Scraps of paper: such as rabbits or flowers or butterflies and glued on the eggs after colorized.

Easter Egg with glitter
Decorating eggs with colored sugar and glitter

2. Decorating eggs with colored sugar and glitter: all you have to do is painted the egg with glue and immerse it in the sugar granules color or glitter and letting it dry.

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas with threads
Decorate the egg with threads

3. decorate the egg with threads: you can use colored clothes to decorate eggs instead of color. By winding the threads on the egg, and then glued with glue.

spring egg hunt
Easter egg with mustache tattoo

4. drawing mustache tattoo: If you’re looking for an unconventional idea to decorate eggs, what do you think of the drawing the mustache tattoo on eggs? Draw a man mustache on paper then the glued it to the middle of the egg for a more fun and delight your kids.

egg as a gift idea
Egg Easter decorating as a gift

5. paint the eggs as a gift: use colored Stan Strips for example and then roll the egg, so egg looks like a gift, very easy idea.

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print Eggs
printing on eggs

6. printing on eggs: printed graphics on the eggs. Place the leaf on the egg and then enveloped her with sock and fill in colors water and let it dry then remove socks to get an egg with beautiful graphics.

Easter Egg lace Decorating
decorate the eggs with lace

7. decorate the eggs with lace: roll the lace fabric on the egg, and placed in the colors of water and leave to dry and then remove the lace to get colored eggs with gorgeous lace effect.

egg hunt as faces
decorate eggs to draw faces

8. decorate eggs to draw faces: using a color pen to draw different face expressions and playful on each egg or you can bring your kids ‘ favorite cartoon characters.

Easter Egg as chick
eggs decorating as a chick body

9. decorate the egg with chick body: use feathers and orange color to paint eggs as chicks body and paint the eyes with black pencil color pen.

and now we show you some other ideas pictures and creative video for the cool decorating idea, and we hope you like.

Easter Egg with Strips
egss decorate with colorful Strips



Egg Decorating
eggs decorating with painting


Egg Decorating with threads
eggs decorating ideas with colorful threads


colorful egg ideas
painting on eggs with colors water


strawberry egg decoration ideas
eggs decorated as strawberry

this three pictures decorating ideas with the black and white form:

black & white egg decorating

black and white egg hunt

white and black decorate egg ideas

egg hunt decorated
eggs decorated with a mustache


funny Egg decorating
egg decorating with The Thief body


colorful Eggs ideas
Traditional eggs decorating with colors



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