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Cool TV stands

Why not applying cool TV stands to your house design? The television entertainment plays an important part of the daily routine of people’s lives. It’s fair to give it prominence in the decoration, right?

It can be arranged on top of the rack, in a panel, embedded in the cabinet door, in a rotating steel tube, straight to the wall. Moreover, niches, shelves, modules, LED tapes are welcome to enhance the environment. You can easily choose between all the past types the one that best fits your home decoration.

cool tv stands decor

Using the panels to put TV has some advantage, it cost less of embedding a TV in the cabinet, and it is easy in handling at the time of the repairs and technical service of the appliances.

Cool rectangular tv stand
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Except that the panel alone is in the vast majority of cases, doesn’t meet all the needs. Therefore, the usual is to come accompanied by a rack or module that accommodates the other appliances. You can go for a traditional rack or you can get a special design for your own such as those that feature niches, shelves, and differentiated design.

lovely cool tv stands

In environments connected to a television, it is interesting to use a piece of furniture that allows the apparatus to rotate using steel pipes. And when it comes to the wires, the most commonly used option is to hide the wires by drilling holes in the places required to pass them and fill them with wire glands, which give better finishing.

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Beautiful cool tv stands from Ikea
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To buy the perfect stand, see if there are spaces that meet your needs and if the height allows visual comfort. Regardless of where the television is placed, it should always be at eye level. Therefore, settle in the place chosen to assist it and check that the height is adequate.

dark cool tv stands

The best TV stands are the most neutral, which doesn’t interfere so much in the decoration. For example, if the floor was made of wood, it is interesting to use a stand that has a different tone or finish to enhance the two items. If the floor is cold, a good option is to warm the environment with wooden stand.

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The selection of TV stands should be oriented to select designs with a simple storage capacity. That allows you to take the order of everything without creating big problems and keep the room tidy.

DIY cool tv stands

You can always invest in wood as a fundamental element throughout its design proposal. Imagine a large stand in a dark shade of brown, which receives the television set and still functions as a shelf… This for sure will add charm and elegance to the TV room.

White cool tv stand

Consider styles with internal niches that brings a certain sense of detachment to the stand. A well-balanced structure of design coupled with a harmonious distribution of books and other elements of decoration could turn the space into a more than pleasurable experience!

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Ikea cool tv stands
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round cool tv stands
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If you don’t want to have fixed TV in the living room there are also options. Feel free to transport it from one room to another easily thanks to light TV stands that include wheels.

You would better enjoy the stands with a functional rotating basis especially if your house has an open space. That’ll allow you to watch television from different angles and area of your home.

Increase the style and elegance of your interior. You can opt for a TV stand with a decorative display cabinet. These showcases are very modern and you can choose one with a transparent glass or you can also opt for a darker glass.

large-electric-fireplace-with-mantel_contemporary-wood-tv-stand_cool-tv-stands_copper-cookie-cutters_decorative-electric-fireplace_4-tier-cake-stand_corner cool -tv-stands-with-bracket_
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Modernity and elegance can also come hand in hand with the geometric shapes of the wall. It is about decorating the wall that is in front of the sofa with decoration frames of different colors and placing the TV in the center. Or you can place some frames or pictures with the same shape to intensify your cool tv stands!


The existing options are many and have proven its validity. You only have to select the one that suits your real conditions in terms of space.

cool tv stands

unique cool tv stands
Wall Mounted Tv Cabinet Design Ideas | Raya Furniture intended for Tv Wall Mount Furniture Design – Home Inspiration – cool tv stands

mounted cool tv stands

best cool tv stands
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simple round tv stand

fireplace tv stand
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mid century cool tv stands
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cool tv stand furniture
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