30 Cool Boys Room Paint Ideas

Boys Room

boys and guys dream usually to have a unique bedroom with the perfect decor! But to achieve this dream must be choosing the boys room paint ideas and decoration carefully, and suitable for their tastes constantly. boys bedroom differs in nature from the teen girl room ideas, boys and guys need to more vitality and tend to warm and watercolors, unlike girls tend to fluffy colors such as pink and purple. Today on our blog “Decorationy” We have compiled the most beautiful 30 pictures of boys room paint ideas and the finest room decorating ideas for boys and guys from different decor internet websites to make it easier for you to choose your child’s room decor and these images displayed below will be inspiring you.

Boys Room Paint Ideas

At the first, let us give you some tips to get a comfortable and beautiful boys room:
1. The safety :

bedroom decorating ideas for boys
twins boys bedroom

To achieve safety in your child’s room, we recommend that you not set shelves dangerously above the bed. You must also install any decorative item well so as not to cause a hazard to his health if it fell to the ground. If the bedroom for children under 6 years does not use furniture with sharp corners. Finally, we recommend that you minimize the use of glass.

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2. health:

bedroom paint ideas
boy bedroom with black furniture

You must choose a kids bedroom furniture on the basis of their health, when choosing a bed must choose the type of ergonomic back especially in the first growth stages in a child’s life. Also, when choosing Office desk taking into mind comfortable office chair should be also to avoid spinal pain.
3. practical and fashionable furniture and renewal:

blue bedroom paint ideas
blue children room decorating ideas

Here we are not obliged to change the decor every year, or every season. It must have an appropriate decoration for kids up to generation 10-12 years, does not trade away and put the furniture does not last throughout this time.
And room furniture should be comfortable and functional, such as the provision of boxes for storing the toys in the boys room or other purposes in the guys room.
4. the design of the room:

black and white room for boys
stylish guys room decor

You must choose stylish colors of the boys room paint color
You must use the colors for kids rooms toxic and verifiable cleaning
The diversity of colors give vibrancy to the room and enter the joy to the hearts of children
Put the bed in the corner of the room to preserve privacy
Put the study office near to the window
5. establish a budget:

boys bedroom paint ideas
simple room ideas for kids

You must select a budget before choosing a holiday until you don’t feel frustrated for you or your child. Choose modern décor and reasonably priced at the same time.

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blue bedroom ideas
fashionable bedroom style idea for boys
As for the latest guys and boys room paint color trends in 2016, white & black, gray, Orange, yellow and blue.
 , Now review a variety of Group and hope to be helpful to you
boys bedroom decoration
small bedroom ideas for boys


boys bedroom wall decor
unique guys bedroom idea


boys beroom decoration
stylish wallpaper idea for boys room
boys room decor
worm small bedroom design idea for boys

boys room decorating ideas

boys room decoration ideas

boys room ideas

boys room paint ideas

contemporary bedroom ideas for boys

cool boys bed design

gray guys bedroom design

green kids room ideas

grey bedroom ideas for kids

guys room decor

guys room decoration

guys room paint ideas

Modern blue bedroom

modern room for boys

orange boys bedroom

red room decor


stylish boys bedroom

twins boys bedroom




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