Blue Kitchen Walls Ideas for 2018

Did you ever think about using blue color on your kitchen walls? Let us imagine the blue kitchen walls with white, oak, or brown cabinets. If the idea was accepted in your mind! We will help you have your own blue kitchen walls with some blue kitchen decor ideas.

Blue kitchen walls

dark blue kitchen walls 11

As we all know that blue is one of the principal colors so, you can use it to make a harmony combination with many other colors. Blue kitchen walls could be one of the best choices for painting the walls; it will change the look of your kitchen. And with the right design, you will have the unique kitchen which many people dream of having one in their homes. This unique color on the walls will appear as a nice reflection of elegance and modernity.

All shades of blue in the kitchen

blue kitchen walls ideas

It is not a crazy idea as you are thinking right now. Using a variation of all blue color shades is a wonderful way to apply fantasy design to the interior of your new kitchen; it will create a fresh atmosphere. In each time you check your kitchen, it will give you a good impression as if it was the first time to see it.

blue kitchen walls ideas

The dark blue furniture can be suitable for lighter shades on the walls. Also, it would be ideal to make a combination of a light blue kitchen cabinet with gray-blue tones. You can also paint the kitchen walls in a darker blue color and set the furniture in bright colors. And combine blue with black, it makes a rather interesting touch to the design of the kitchen.

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Blue kitchen walls with white cabinets

blue kitchen walls ideas

To create a spectacular atmosphere in the interior of the kitchen with blue kitchen walls use white cabinets. The top and the lower kitchen cabinets could be white it will increase the visual space or you can use white cabinets only in the lower part with open shelves in the top.

blue kitchen walls ideas

The floors tiles must be in harmony with the kitchen colors so, you can use tiles with an implicit flower or other patterns of white color. Using blue and blue glass table for kitchen and transparent white chairs will give an amazing effect; this will give your kitchen an unusual chic and shine.

Blue kitchen walls with oak cabinets

blue kitchen walls ideas

The combinations of blue kitchen walls with oak in the interior design of a kitchen will make a great mix. Kitchen furniture can be presented in different combinations of light wood color which will be suitable to use with dark blue kitchen walls. In addition, the original decision in the design of your kitchen could be a combination of blue tones on the kitchen walls with cabinets, table, and chairs made of oak and wood. For, the floor, parquet, and wooden floors, with some light color wooden accessories will complete the design of a dark color scheme.

Navy blue kitchen walls

blue kitchen walls ideas

A kitchen with walls painted in navy blue will absorb the light of the environment and your kitchen will look smaller so, it is perfect for large spaces. This color adds character and strength. Therefore, without neglecting this beautiful and elegant color, one solution is the right one, use in the upper part of the wall, furniture and decorative objects with light red color. While for the rest of the walls what is the better alternative than adding white? The distribution of the colors in a balanced way will generate harmony and a more welcoming atmosphere in the kitchen.

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The lighting

navy blue kitchen walls

Whether you will use dark or light blue color on the walls, you must pay enough attention to the lighting. For, the dark tones of blue on the walls, use spotlights directed to the walls and appliances will give a fresh look to the kitchen. And for the light tones, central lighting with the help of the natural light from the window will be perfect. Using appliances with the metallic finish will reflect the light and help to increase the lighting. you can also take a look at our article about kitchen before and after ideas for more inspiration

Blue kitchen walls decoration

cool blue kitchen walls

Anyone who dares to use intense colors like the blue on the walls of the kitchen wins a different feeling of modernity in his home. Basically, every favorite color can be used in kitchens.  But to you used the color blue in the right way, you should be aware of the effect of using the decoration like rugs and curtains.

blue kitchen walls rugs

if the paint was dark blue use decoration with light colors it creates liveliness in the kitchen, but if the paint was light blue you can use rugs and curtains of soft pastels or warm color tones to create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen. Also, using matching accessories such as tea towels and lampshades in spectacular color combinations make the kitchen glow.


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