Best Way to Clean up Leaves in A Large Yard

Having a garden with trees and flowers around you is nice.

But the fresh air and breeze come at a price. They fill your yard with periodically falling leaves leaving your surroundings a mess.

Leaf clean-up is then a chore you can’t deny, especially if your garden is huge.

So, what is the best way to clean up leaves in a large yard? The most appropriate solution should be a functional leaf blower.

Move on to find out how to use this equipment properly. (Click here to check out the best selling leaf blowers)

Why a blower fits the mission

While raking leaves in a large yard demand patience and strategies to avoid getting fatigued fast, a backpack blower would do the work almost effortlessly.

This game-changer tool is quite easy to use. Most people prefer the wireless machine which they can carry on the back and move around hassle-free.

Using the cordless leaf blower correctly will lighten this garden task from a whole lot of burden.

How to use a blower

Blowers are not that proverbial blunt instrument.

They’re supposed to be a finishing tool for doing the fine work once you’ve finished all the other bulk tasks.

Before the blowing section, you want to ensure a couple of things for a smooth finish.

Protect your house

Amateurs can create messes at their first attempts. So, close all the windows and doors.

This will keep out the noise and any dust you might kick up.

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Clean large object

Take a walk around the garden and pick up things like twigs and branches.

You also want to move big stuff out of the way to clear a path for your blower.

Start the machine

Initiate the engine and let it run off idly for a few minutes before you rip its maximum velocity.

Blow on the go As you work over an area, don’t move in a straight line.

Take advantage of a semicircular or arch-like pattern.

This way allows you to focus the material toward one point.

Don’t run your blower on a full round all the time. Back off on the throttle a little bit and use some bursts of power to build mounds.

Once you get the thick enough dunes, don’t push them along with the airstream. Instead, grab a rake to get rid of the pile and get back to another blowing round.

When you work near walls, don’t blow towards but along them or you will end up with all the muck back in your face.

Blow on the windy days

In locations of wind, blow across the wind or follow its current or you will receive dust and leaves back to you.

Type of blowers

Most blowers use petrol-driven of two or four-stroke engines. But battery technology has introduced the cordless electric models, leaving behind the dependence on direct power.

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The new models are also much lighter and easier to handle.

Most of them get the fan horizontally mounted. It means you don’t get the gyroscopic action that leaves them wobbling every time you tilt them on an angle.

More importantly, wireless blowers work hard on reducing the noise to make your neighbor happy.

Rechargeable blowers save you time to mix and store fuels. Just pull starting, juice up from the mains, click on the battery and blow at the flick of a switch.

Safety gear

Blowers may not seem that loud, but it’s the sustained noise that does the damage.

So, get yourself earmuffs and safety glasses. A pair of gloves will be a plus to cut the vibration a little bit. They are also handy when you need to pick up leaf mounds off the ground.

Decent footwear allows you to walk freely among the mess. Put on the boots and clean up your yard fully equipped.

Blow leaves in joy

Just so you know keeping your garden off muddles is a promising enjoyable chore if you know how to add some fun to it.

We hope these tips will save you from the intricate leaf blowing task.

The next mission would be picking a good leaf blower to swipe burden off the chore.

Let us know if you need any advice.



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