10 Before and After Bathroom Remodel Ideas for 2017/2018

Bathroom Remodel

Most people believe that bathroom decor doesn’t matter, and attention to bathroom decorations do not significantly affect in the House. But actually, this location is as important as any room in the House and must attend to concerning cleanliness, designed and decorated.

The problem is that some people believe that the bathroom renovation is expensive and need to too much effort.

But the fact that the bathroom renovation can cost only some effort with a reasonable budget. There are new ways of glossing over the flaws of the bathroom design, for example, some simple tricks that can increase for small bathroom space and give a feeling of more space with some accessories and wall colors.

With the beginning of winter or summer, we must have many bathroom remodel ideas that could help redecorating any place. Redecorating the house interior and exterior appearance. Also, use porch designs to match the atmosphere of the winter, spring, and summer. However, many homeowners neglect the bathroom renovation. Today on our site, Decorationy. We’ll give you some ideas and solutions through which you can make a bathroom remodel for your old bathroom, and give you some tips that can help you.

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Bathroom remodel
Remodel Ideas for Summer 2016

Bathroom remodeling ideas

Take a look at this inspiring collection of the best bathroom remodeling tips & ideas, upgrade your bathroom and DIY a luxury renovations on a budget.

1. change the wall colors:

you can paint the walls in bright colors, or add a wallpaper; you can also resort to inexpensive way without having to make significant changes, such as adding colorful and attractive shelves to put bathroom tools.

2. Accessories:

These are the easiest and least expensive bathroom remodel ideas, where you can change some bathroom accessories such as old towel and add another color or using accessories and fixtures of the bathroom, modern colors to give a unique look to the bathroom. It can make a huge difference to add little things such as flowers, candles, and shelves to put pictures or books or small decorations; colored plates can also bestow lavish and distinctive touch.

3. mirrors and curtains: the essential elements of the bathrooms decorated, where you can add colorful frames mirrors to reflect light and help to show a wider place, this idea is very suitable for small and narrow bathrooms so that mirrors give more than feeling larger bathroom. Colored drapes also help to give a different impression and a beautiful bathroom.

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4- Colorful lighting: even the bathroom colors can become uninteresting and feel depressed if lighting is incorrect, you can fix this by giving the bathroom more distinctive character and its effects, by colored lights around the bathroom.


Bathroom remodel ideas


awesome bathroom remodel ideas
Bathroom makeover plan by changing the wall colors and some accessories
bathroom makeover ideas
remodeling bathroom ideas with modifying the color of ceramic
Bathroom remodel ideas
Bathroom remodeling with a beautiful window curtain and wall decorating ideas

before and after bathroom remodel

before and after bathrooms

an_bestellbogen f

creative bathroom remodel

modern Bathroom remodel

smart bathroom remodel

unique bathroom makeover


  1. This Inspiration bathroom remodel ideas makes a luxury bathroom design, Thanks a lot ♥

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