Home Tips Tips for air conditioning rooms with slim windows

Tips for air conditioning rooms with slim windows

Tips for air conditioning rooms with slim windows

The summer heat can become extremely sweltering and uncomfortable at times. The least that you may want is a nice and cool room to relax a bit in such a situation. However, installing a large-capacity air conditioner is not always possible considering the space crunch in urban areas. So, the best option here is to go for the thinnest window air conditioner, also known as a narrow window AC. It means that you are investing in a limit and utilizing the same to the fullest. Here are some essential tips for ensuring that the air conditioner you purchase ticks all the right boxes. 

What are the best tips for buying an AC?

Before you finalize the air conditioner you want to purchase, you must do a bit of research and analysis. One of the most important aspects here is to assess the perfect size of the AC that will suit your room. Don’t invest in impulsion because that may lead to purchasing an AC that is more powerful or weak considering your requirement. Here is how you can decide what to purchase.  

Type of installation

Firstly, it is essential to decide what type of installation suits your choice when purchasing a narrow window air conditioner. Some machines are preferable for more standard window sizes. Again, installation types are perfect when you have created a separate space for the AC using dedicated mounting hardware. Last but not least, there are air conditioners that require casement window style installation. 

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There are two significant types of installation:


In case you are searching for an air conditioner that can be installed through the wall, you may not find one quickly. It is because there are only a few brands that offer machines with a similar installation offer. However, if you find one, it is mandatory to note down all the installation specifications and then match your room space to see whether what you want to buy will be a good fit. 


If you are going for a proper window AC, then considering the widow dimensions is the most important thing. Sometimes, the window AC models come in designs that go perfectly with a casement or sliding windows. Therefore, if your house has the traditional double-hung windows, it is time you reconsider your demand. It is because the narrow model window AC that you like may not be fit for your home. 

Calculation of the size

You must buy an air conditioner with the perfect size and capacity to cool your room. Usually, a machine with a lower BTU level will take a lot of time to cool down your room. On the other hand, a higher-capacity AC will turn the room into a freezer, which is not what you want, of course.

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Since both the conditions are not preferable, understanding the essential technicality is better. BTU is the aspect that you should consider to assess the cooling capacity of an air conditioner. So, the first step here is to measure and note down the dimensions of the room in which you will install the AC. Calculating the total square feet means you will have to find the product of the width and length. Now, the BTU will be clear when you divide the product by 0.05. Next, you can go through a size chart to give you an idea regarding standard BTU figures. 

Now that you are sure about the size of the AC that you want, it is time for you to see whether the electrical capacity is enough. For example, small room AC’s usually come in models having 115 to 240 volts. However, if you are purchasing a bigger unit, make sure that you have enough load. 


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