Why the 3D epoxy flooring will trend 2018/2017

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Have you ever imagined or fancy that you can roam between your home rooms as you’re moving around water or amid coral reefs, sharks, and whales! It’s no fantasy and easier than you think and you can actually turn your home into a world of fantasy simply by installing decorative 3d epoxy flooring.


3D flooring, able to give each room a touch and fancy, these amazing 3D floors present themselves as perfectly manicured prints from trampling and admire. And through the overview of 13 photos below you can select and discover the coolest bathroom, living room colors and kitchens 3d epoxy flooring ideas that look as your home was floating in tropical seas or like you’re moving amid the wonders of nature through the unique 3D geometric lines to give effect and feel really awesome especially water floors, dolphins, starfish, shells, sharks whales and waterfalls that will transform your home into a great work of art !

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awesome 3D flooring

Technology today is the secret behind producing these 3D epoxy flooring that provides fantasy where you can give to your mind unleashed and implement any idea passes into your account by using this technique.

The advantages of this type of3d epoxy flooring: 

1-3D floors that were created thanks to epoxy multilayer structures and this makes them suitable for any environment. These epoxy flooring can be innovation through 3D visual effects to public places such as hotels, banquet or malls.
2. this type of 3d tile designs are environmentally-friendly and high resistance and longevity excellent. when installing correctly, these 3d floors its characteristics for a long time.
3. resistance to scratching; that will be perfect for a kids playroom flooring.

Cleaning 3D floors tiles need to be careful not to scratch the tiles, that will keep it looks lively and contemporary, to clean the floor you may use the same method following on How to clean slate floors because that will keep your floors looks new all the time.

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3d bedroom flooring ideas
Creative bedroom flooring ideas with pink flowers

Discover through images below more ideas and form an overview of the quality of these 3D floors:

3D epoxy flooring
water 3d floor ideas for your home for the unique look
3d floor ideas
fantastic 3d bathroom flooring ideas
2016 epoxy flooring
beautiful 3d flooring style with sea and fishes arts
amazing flooring designs
excellent bathroom waterfalls flooring
awesome 3D flooring
living room with 3d shark flooring
bathroom flooring 2016
scary bathroom floors ideas
dark flooring ideas
unique epoxy flooring 2016

flooring ideas 2016

garage 3D epoxy flooring

living room flooring

modern flooring designs

unique epoxy garage flooring




  1. My name is Mike Murray and I live in Atlanta. I am a flooring installer but I want to learn how to do 3-D floors. Can you point me in the right direction? thanks


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