32 Best Wedding Cake Designs 2018

Wedding Cake

At this time of the year with the new year, start preparing for weddings within a romantic atmosphere. Begins the newlyweds arrange wedding decor, Wedding Hall, beginning to place accessories and design the wedding dress and the groom and ceremony suit down to the marriage cake. Perhaps after the bride wedding cake is the most important element of the wedding.

The wedding cake is not only delicious but as a symbol of the wedding and love sweet and beautiful thank-you to the guests. Welkzelk you must choose to design elegant and unique marriage cake to complete their beauty and joy of the newlyweds and guests. In this article, we will show you photos and inspiring examples of marriage cake decor 2016.
The idea of white marriage cake is the traditional choice for any wedding, but over time there are many different colors wedding cakes ideas and no longer limited to white only.

There are also many options for identity the taste and flavor of the wedding cake there are precious, chocolate, sugar paste, fruit flavors such as strawberry and many foods.
, Here are ideas for marriage cakes design increases the heat and romantic ceremony decor filled with love and warmth and romance especially if you decided to celebrate the wedding with celebrating Valentine’s day 14 February 2016.

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Still also gives and elegant colors dominate marriage cake this year. Regardless of the form of wedding cake designs and different cookies but the calm colors and romance remain the foundations and rules for selecting the bridal cake in the new year.

Romantic ideas for decorating the cake: decorated with lace, flowers, touches of thin color blending.

Crazy ideas for marriage romantic cake designs have emerged recently, such as funny and other exciting designs for the newlyweds.

As for the cake colors, there is a wide range of possible variations, linked to decoration for wedding accessories, such as purple and white, or champagne and a very stylish white and probably is very popular. Planning, however, you can decorate the cake with chocolate with details of green grass white sugar wedding country. Wedding day in autumn, you can decorate the cake with golden flowers and autumn leaves made of sugar. In winter, cupcakes, however, usually with blue beads are embellished.

Wedding Cake Ideas

These are some ideas for wedding cake decorations:
1. Purple cake: very beautiful and elegant with beautifully decorated with roses in the upper class. That is not easy to create; these roses are the highlights of the marriage cake. With the purple color, it is very helpful. Bet you all love this romantic style

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2016 purple wedding cake design

purple marriage cake
purple marriage cake
marriage cake design in purple color
project wedding
best wedding cake designs
wedding cakes 2016
wedding cake ideas
wedding cake toppers
purple marriage ideas for cakes
Ombre layer marriage cake

2. Square cake: modern bridal cake in the square shape is now more popular. That is coupled with a bright red heart full of fun; the design fits the weddings on Valentine’s day.

square marriage cake
three-tier lace square wedding cakes 2016
wedding cake square shape and flowers decorations
black and white square marriage cake
four-tier square cakes for wedding

3. Green Mint Cake: this color, mint! When used on the marriage cake, fantastic! Crowned with sugar ornament. This idea more suitable for weddings in the spring and summer, neat idea!

mint green cakes for wedding
mint green wedding cakes
mint green cake
2016 Green marriage Cake Ideas
green cake designs 2016
Beautiful wedding cakes in green

4. A dark marriage cake “chocolate”: this is for fans of excellence and anomaly also leak chocolate flavor, chocolate cake has many forms and can be decorated in various colors and look at beautiful art piece in the wedding ceremony. We suggest that dive into some flowers under the cake for aesthetic and romantic touch.

Dark marriage cake
chocolate dark wedding cake with flowers
DIY chocolate cakes
wedding chocolate cake DIY
Delicious chocolate wedding cupcakes 2016
classic wedding cake
chocolate wedding recipes

5. Starfish Cake: If you’re looking for a cake for a wedding on the beach? This perfect! Blue and white, these colors are very appropriate. This cake can be an excellent choice for a beach wedding ceremony.

starfish wedding cake toppers
beach themed cakes for wedding
starfish-wedding-cakes 2016
Finally, we wish you have a happy wedding ceremony and beautiful in all its details and wish you a successful marriage, happy marriage!!


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