5 Common Roofing Problems in Dallas and North Texas

As a homeowner, your attention is constantly being drawn from one situation to another. By watching for these five common roofing problems in Dallas and North Texas, you can save yourself a large chunk of change. In catching roofing damage early, you’ll save on more costly repairs down the line and the total cost of a full roof replacement. Educating yourself on these signs is the key.

We have interviewed Tony Hall from Paradigm Roofing and Bert Roofing and discussed what they see on field. Based on the interview, here are the five most common roofing problems affecting homeowners in Dallas and North Texas.


Poor Installation


First and foremost, when it comes to residential roofing, know that you get what you pay for in terms of service. If you opt for an amateur, pick-up truck roofing services, then you’ll likely pay more in the long run. You’ll either have extensive repairs or find yourself in dire need of a full roof replacement before long. Invest in your roof. Pay for expert service above all else.

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Roofing Leaks


Here in Texas, we face a wide variety of weather conditions. From wind and rain to hail and ice; the ever-changing weather and storm fronts can lead to extensive roofing damage. Often, roofing leaks are the result of such storm damage. If your home’s roof has missing shingles or busted underlayment, excess water will seep into your home. The roof itself will begin to rot, while mold will form between the shingles and within the attic.




Both wind and hail damage can often result in punctures to your roofing material. With a puncture or penetration, you need to worry about the sealant and flashing surrounding the damage. Both will weaken and result in more extensive damage over time.


Roofing Ventilation


A significant part of your roof is the ventilation system. If your home’s ventilation is poorly installed or broken, the entire roof is at risk Adequate ventilation helps to regulate temperatures within the attic and reduce moisture levels. If unchecked, the heat and moisture inside and build-up in the rafters, shingles, and insulation.


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Low-hanging trees in the backyard may look quite nice. However, during a severe storm, that branch hanging over your roof may come crashing down. The result is broken shingles, worn protective layers, and roof leaks. Consider trimming back tree branches away from your home’s roof on occasion.

If your home’s roof has suffered any of the above-mentioned damage here in Dallas and North Texas, then it’s time to call a professional roofing company in DFW. Find a local roofer who is able to address your roofing concerns for the right price.


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