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13 Romantic juliet balcony design ideas

13 Romantic juliet balcony design ideas

juliet balcony

Don’t make your balcony design is traditional, try out unusual such as choose one of Juliet balcony design ideas with beautiful and colorful flowers that give vitality to the place and make it more charming and beautiful.
Balcony design from the outside is as important as balcony furniture set and design from the inside, not neglecting to form your balcony from outside.
One of the most beautiful design for home balcony forms outside” Juliet balcony“. This idea is unique and romantic.
 Although the characters of Romeo and Juliet were characters written by Shakespeare, many people in Italy think otherwise. Believing that Romeo and Juliet love story, not from Shakespeare’s imagination,
But a fact in Verona, there is the House of Juliette is said to have been inhabited by, In one of its aspects balcony Juliet famous, speaking with Romeo through
In the twelfth century a.d., Where home is a place meant for many lovers throughout the Arab world and Europe. This balcony is visited by thousands of lovers from around the world and rented for weddings.
Romeo and Juliet balcony
Romeo and Juliet balcony

The balcony is a natural extension of the home interior design. Often there is a balcony in the living room with relaxation area. But in many cases their uses as a substitute for the home garden. Flowers and green plants are ideal for balcony decorations and this style known as Juliet balcony. In this article, we will give you 13 ideas how to arrange Juliet balcony the colors of various flowers and plants.

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juliet balcony design

balcony decorating ideas

There are many different ways to create and design of balcony House. Wooden pallets are items that you can easily integrate into your balcony design in the form of furniture or vertical garden for example. It is easy to find and inexpensive and also very easy to handle.

Balcony gardens design

You can use something else to decorate your balcony garden. Depending on the size and shape of the balcony, you can use the traditional flower pots. If a balcony is small space and limited to flowers and hanging containers is a great idea. You must always take into account the size of the space and design of balcony, the color of the walls and the type of plants that you want to select. Here are some ideas that will surely inspire you:


balcony with flowers


beautiful balcony design

Decorating the balcony with flowers and plants needs to choose appropriate lighting to complete the beauty of the balcony.

home balcony decorating

Impair the balcony with interest their owners for being a natural outlet, which carries air recovery, however, many air conditioners at home.

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Here are the most valuable tips, décor experts featured balcony and comfortable:

1. do not comply with the style and colors of the home decor when choosing a balcony decorative; the aim of the terrace to be separate and different from the home for relaxing, and significant to have simple decor and colors consistent.
2. you can provide a balcony with glass barrier around the light color to allow the passage of natural light, it is protected from prying eyes, for more privacy.

3-choose rough ground with bright color, remembers that it is preferable to use a piece of carpet on the floor of the balcony only if the large area.

4. you can add an oriental touch to the modern terrace, by planting his cubing grape, decorated with mosaic patterns.

5-choose furnishings with colors of the Rainbow, bright look to your balcony.

6. try to stay away from the heavy furniture, experts advise you to choose a simple set of bamboo, or wood roses, make sure it is waterproof and weather.

Now we show juliet balcony design ideas and hope you love it:

beautiful flowerd window

flower balcony

flowerd balcony design

Home window with flowers

juliet balcony decorating

juliet balcony design

juliet balcony style

the balcony with flowers




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