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35 Best Rustic Bathroom Ideas for 2018

35 Best Rustic Bathroom Ideas for 2018

You can admire Rustic Bathroom Ideas style endlessly. Rustic, This is an amazingly cozy space. Such interiors seem to make with great pleasure. Today’s collection is dedicating to decorating a bathroom in rustic style. They look amazing. And most importantly – it’s quite the budget.

Best Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Remodeling Bathroom

The use of natural wood is prevalent nowadays. Well, what kind of house without a tree? Ancient staircases for storage – can be used as shelves. Rough wooden beams. And you’re on your way to the excellent farmhouse bathroom. Do not worry about longevity – modern means make the tree indifferent to moisture. Here are some ideas for inspiration.Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Country style bathroom Rustic Bathroom Ideas-modern rustic simplicity of a hunting lodge

There are plenty of different styles to decorate the bathroom, but the current trend in bathroom decor is the rustic bathroom ideas, and they are becoming more and more popular. A bath with rustic interior can create a warm and relaxing environment, and lets you feel closer to the scenery.

Create a rough bathroom decoration is easy, you just need to concentrate on using natural marble and wood, wooden boards, beautiful wood furniture and infusing some industrial elements.Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Modern Style Rustic Bathroom


The bathroom is quite difficult to arrange in the country style. The difficulty lies in the fact that modern materials are using for modern baths like plastic and glass, chrome parts, modern household technology and shower cubicles.

All these parts of the decor are very poorly in harmony with the characteristic features of the country style, namely the old and the comfort. Despite all this, it is entirely possible to equip a bathroom in country style.Rustic Bathroom Ideas-stylish ideas in the Interior and ext bathroom Rustic Bathroom Ideas-side panels, doors and roofs with their hands in the shower Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Bathroom design in the style

Features of the style in the Rustic bathroom

As in any other country-style room, there are some rules in the bathroom, following which one can practice it qualitatively and truthfully.

  • Simplicity Without Frills

Rustic interior design, above all, is unpretentious in essence. In it, everything is clear and familiar, as if you again fall into the grandmother’s house for the summer holidays.

Speaking about the decoration of the bathroom in the spirit of country, it should note that it is characterizing by the purity of straight lines, natural materials, and objects with a definite function (a simple locker, a strict mirror)Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Rustic charm country style bathroom Rustic Bathroom Ideas-interior design Bathroom Rustic Bathroom Ideas-harmony Stroy expert

  • Primitive

    Remember how often, it looks like a picturesque village house. The walls are whitewashed and plastered, painted wooden windows.

    The same principle will also be relevant when designing a bathroom. For example, you can apply a rough facing of walls, choosing a “rustic” (rough masonry) or brickwork (it can be painted in a natural tone or left untouched). Also, for country style is actual use of beams for ceilings, we recommend combining both.Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Boldly and unusually looks like a brick in the bathrooms Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Painting work-repairing and finishing works Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Paintable wallpaper Rustic Bathroom Ideas-elements of this style in the Interior Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Classic Transitional Guest Country Bathrooms

  • Sincerity of Traditions

    If the bathroom has a window, even a small ventilation one, it will decorate with cotton curtains, linen, cotton prints with an original pattern in a flower or a cage.

    The presence in the bathroom of small paintings with landscapes, as well as narrow floors are welcome, and shelves will appropriately be hung with light textiles.Rustic Bathroom Ideas-design ideas for bathroom Mediterranean style Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Bathroom rustic Design Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Bathroom design in country style


As we have already said, naturalness rules in all the features of country style, and materials, of course, must only be natural, given to us by nature. Of course, you can imitate some of them, but the unique rustic charm at the same time risks you to slip away.

  • A ROCK

Natural stone most organically fits into the situation with a stylized bathroom, although its artificial counterpart will be in use no worse, and in some ways even better. Stone masonry can only cover the floor area; the walls are laid out with tiles, but without a bright, modern figure.

An exciting way to design a bathroom can be masonry only in the shower area or bath. The rest of the area should be faced with textured tiles or a parquet board.Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Interior bathroom design

  • TREE

The tree is also actively used in the interior of the country, like the rock. With its help, the floor cover, the walls are tiled, and the ceiling is decorated. It should be noted that due to the specificity of the bathroom as a room with high humidity, it is not recommended to introduce wood everywhere.

It is better if it is used portions, for example, for the decoration of the ceiling or floor, as a material for lockers and shelves, as a countertop under the sink and the entrance door.

For the country style to sound brighter in the bathroom interior, it is necessary to combine different wood textures: colored and natural (adequately processed), smooth and rough.

This style in the bathroom will approve the use of a masonry resembling a standard brick, in combination with a metal, or forged elements. Such can be a copper case of a table under a sink or a brass frame for a mirror.Rustic Bathroom Ideas-selecting floor finishing for bathroom Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Floral rustic bathroom

  • Color Palette

The country house stands on the ground, which means that the shades prevailing in its decoration must necessarily remind of its proximity. When decorating a bathroom, natural colors should be used, combining them competently and carefully with each other.

For example, the color of mature wheat for the ceiling is combined with a pastel celestial shade for the walls. Complement the pastel palette with contrasting elements in the tone of the main scale.

Remember this rule: if the decoration of walls, furniture, floor – saturated colors, then for accessories it is better to choose pastel shades. In the case when the basic design is somewhat reserved, it should be emphasized by its light elements.

In the application for the bathroom, choose a range of colors that are most natural: green, wood, terracotta, warm yellow, blue, sand, beige.Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Short Golden curtains with picked and tulles in bath Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Repair of bathrooms and toilets, baths Rustic Bathroom Ideas-painted bathrooms light grey, green, beige

  • Furniture

To place a bathroom, made in the modern of country style, it will be appropriate furniture laconic forms with straight lines, almost devoid of decor. All the items needed for this room must be slightly rough, in some places unpolished and painted.

It is worth noting the unusual nature of each subject since it is better than it performs its specific function. So, the cabinet for storage of bath accessories can look like a simple table with a pair of drawers and a shelf, instead of facades, curtained with a curtain.

For more convenience, if the bathroom area allows, you can put a simple wooden chair or even a bench near the shower. It is not superfluous and entirely appropriate to use forged or wicker furniture in the form of shelves, baskets, stools.Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Curtains In The Bathroom Incredible Elegant Lace Bathroom Window Curtain Photo Bathroom

  • Decorative Elements

Of course, a significant role in creating an image of the country is played by the decor, and if we are talking about the bathroom, then it is possible to use objects inspired by the naivete and coziness of the country house.

If in the work area, that is, in the area of the shell, there are additional light sources, for example, a sconce or a pendant lamp, we recommend decorating it with a lovely lampshade, possibly with frills. On the floor you can lay a small carpet, by the way, it can be soft with a long fluffy pile or smooth, like a self-made track.

Wash the countertop of the washstand with fresh flowers in ceramic vases, and the walls with watercolor reproductions on the theme of landscapes. All accessories, from the door, handles to mixers, can be copper, and eventually, covered with patina, it will get a charming look.Rustic Bathroom Ideas-washsink classical style Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Sinks for the bathroom Rustic Bathroom Ideas-manufacturing of bathtubs made of wood Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Interior bathrooms wooden English Rustic Bathroom Ideas-bathroom in a rustic style

Finally, mirrors in a country bathroom can be any size and shape, it’s not a principle, but it’s better if the frame that frames them is laconic.Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Interior design bathroom and country-style Rustic Bathroom Ideas-cabinet with mirror fronted Rustic Bathroom Ideas-Accessories Rustic Bathroom Mirror Cabinet With Stone Counter

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