Home Tips Which Kitchen Blender is Best fror Smoothie

Which Kitchen Blender is Best fror Smoothie

Which Kitchen Blender is Best fror Smoothie

Smoothies are a very famous drink around the world that most people drink. Whether you want to make banana or coffee smoothies or you want to make frozen smoothies, an effective blender is a must.

In this guide, we are going to share COSORI Blender for Smoothies to meet your quest thirst for the best smoothie blender. Among different blenders on the market, COSORI comes with some unique features.

You will not disappoint with this 800W powerful blender that can do much to make a glass of smoothie. The following are the specifications chart of this amazing smoothie blender.

Specifications of COSORI Blender for Smoothies

  • COSORI dimension: 5.9 x 5.2 x 14.5 inches

  • Motor Watts: 800W

  • Weight: 8.95 pounds

  • Speed control: 3 button control

  • Cups: 32-oz two cups

  • Cup material: BPA-free plastic

  • Blade: Hardened stainless steel

  • To-go cup: 24-oz cup

  • Dishwasher safe: Yes

  • Warranty: 2-years limited warranty

Blender for Smoothies

COSORI users considered this blender the best at making smoothies. Before you buy a blender, you should consider easy to use, blender performance, blender’s functions, warranty, etc. The following we’re going to share the main features of this blender to make your decision easier.

Blending power

COSORI has a powerful motor base that creates high-torque power to pulverize fruits, vegetables, or other toughest to smooth items to make healthy smoothies. It has 800 watts motor power that has 23,000 RPM which is pretty powerful compared to other personal blenders.

Also, it provides a 3-edges hardened stainless steel blade – it is very sharp, as well as, durable. The blade can blend, crush or grind any items in a matter of time.

Easy to use

Before using the blender, wash it properly with warm soapy water. Once the cup dried properly, add ingredients to the cup and screw blade to the jar tightly. Never overfill the container to the max line.

Place the cup onto the motor base and lock the cup. Attach it tightly to the motor base and then plug it to the power outline. Press the button you want to blend ingredients.

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When your blending is done, press the stop button then unlock the cup and enjoy your favorite smoothies. Within a few seconds, your smoothies will be ready to drink.

The auto blend option makes it easier to use the blender and if you want to blend the ingredients at a high-speed, press the auto blend button twice.

Speed control

With the 3-speed settings, you are in control of what you are making. Start/stop button is for turning on/off the blender, the auto blend provides you blending your items in a matter of time, and the pulse is for grinding or crushing the toughest items.

Use your desired button that your blending needs, plus this will make your item within a few seconds.

Jar Capacity

It comes with 3 jars that are very handy to use. COSORI provides two 32-oz jars for the best blending including one 24-oz jar that can be taken on the go. The jars are made from the BPA-free plastic, as well as, dishwasher safe.

The 32-oz cups can be used to make a small batch of smoothie for 2 or 3 people. The travel cup is the 24-oz that is perfect to take the cup on the go. So now you can take the cup to the gym thus, it makes your life a bit easier.


This COSORI is not only perfect to make smoothies for you, but it can make other recipes as well. That makes this blender a versatile blender which is very convenient.

You can make different shakes or juices in this 800 Watts powerful blender. COSORI can make different salsa for you. Other recipes that you can try with this blender are – avocado guacamole, mean green machine smoothie, fresh pineapple or mango margarita, roasted peach-habanero salsa, etc.

Make whatever you love to drink or eat but after each use, make sure you clean the blender properly. It is possible to extend the lifespan of your blender with regular cleaning of your blender. Moreover, the cleaning is simple as it is a dishwasher safe blender.

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This smoothie blender includes some accessories, let’s see what the accessories are. There is a user guide that comes with this. Before starting to use the blender read the user guide so that you don’t face any issues.

It also has a recipe book, two 32-oz jars, one 24-oz to-go jar, one travel lid, one storage lid. The storage lid provides you with storing the smoothies or shakes in your refrigerator for 2 or 3 days.

And it has a motor base that is 800 watts. However, all these accessories are dishwasher safe.


COSORI smoothie personal blender comes with 2-years of satisfying warranty. If you have any issues with the blender then they will provide you free repairing or replacing the blender. But to repair or replace the blender they have some terms and conditions.

This smoothie blender provides a 30 days refund as well from the date of purchase. Whether you don’t like this machine then you can return the blender, as well as, they will refund you. The refund process cannot be extended to this personal blender.

With the proper care of this personal blender, you can use this for 4 to 5 years to make smoothies for you without any major issues. And taking care of this blender simply as it is a dishwasher safe blender.


Smoothies are a very simple way to provide nutrients to your body even if you don’t like to eat fruits or vegetables. If you are thinking of drinking smoothies daily or make it a habit then you must be in search of the best blender for smoothies.

Before choosing the right blender you should determine a few factors so that it would be easier for you to choose the right one. There are countless blender options available and COSORI is one of the best of them.

This personal blender is capable of meeting all your needs, you can consider purchasing this blender.

If you need more smoothie blender suggestion you can have a look at Best blender for smoothies


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