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Modern Master Bedroom Design Ideas For This Year

Modern Master Bedroom Design Ideas For This Year

Modern master bedroom ideas, designs, furniture, and colors are the basic ways to add your own spirit of art to the most important room in the house. Everyone is searching for some inspiration to begin; we are always here to help. Let’s take a look at the main trends that will shape the modern master bedroom in the coming months.

Modern Master Bedroom Designs & Ideas

cool modern master bedroom

Today we will present to you a compilation of nice and elegant modern master bedroom designs, where the optimization use of the spaces is impressive, with a good combination of all elements which will surely be noticed when entering your master bedroom.

cool modern master bedroom

It is very important to make your modern master bedroom as comfortable as you can. Simply it is the place where you spend the night and welcome the first light of your new day. That is why it must be a comfortable place for you.

Modern master bedroom furniture

new modern master bedroom

The main idea of the modern master bedroom furniture is to be comfortable, cozy, and practical. A sleeping area does not necessarily have to be full of furniture,  If there are only a few pieces of furniture in the modern master bedroom, it will look larger in space which will be creating a more modern, and stylish look. The furniture should provide a neat look and provide enough storage space. A comfortable bed, a dresser, a large closet and a small seating area to relax are the ingredients for a cozy modern master bedroom.

The bed

new modern master bedroom

The heart of every bedroom is the bed. But finding the right one for you is not so easy. Try to get the one that has clean and cool lines, and plain colors. Or you can do it yourself by using one of our pallet bed designs.  And for the mattress, choose it after you try it at the store so, here is a tip, mega-stores with showrooms are the best, in this case, you can choose between spring, foam, latex, or Viscoelastic mattress

The Closet

modern master bedroom designs

For many, the walk-in closet is a long-cherished dream and it is a symbol of luxury. Your closet at the modern master bedroom can be converted into a walk-in closet with little effort. With a creative interior design, custom-made sliding doors and a little bit of skill, you can make your own personal dream of having a walk-in closet come true. And for more inspiration, you can take a look at our article about the small walk-in closet ideas and walk-in wardrobe behind the bed.

Bedside table

modern master bedroom ideas

It is ideal to have everything at hand in the dark and is the perfect companion for a beautiful modern master bedroom.

Use the available space optimally and think of ideas such as corner shelves, TV mounted on the wall, and other decorating ideas. If you want to express your personality, you can do so by an interesting wall decoration or lights with expressive shapes.

Modern master bedroom seat

modern master bedroom ideas

If you have enough space in your modern master bedroom you can add one of the reclining chairs beside the bed. But if your bedroom has a window view you can easily opt for one of those nice window seats, and for that try to take a look at our window seat ideas it will give you some simple ways to get a unique window seat in your bedroom.

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Modern master bedroom designs

modern master bedroom ideas

The sweet thing about having a master bedroom with modern design is it will give you a huge opportunity to be creative. You can make it simple or you can add some crazy kinds of stuff, it is up to your personality. Modern designs are about the present time and also, about the future. Freedom is the spirit of this time so, be free to make a new and unique design for your modern master bedroom.

modern master bedroom ideas

With the right trendy colors, materials and new functional furniture, your modern master bedroom will be furnished chic and cozy. This space should be a place for rest and relaxation. So, simple colors, furniture, and decoration items are particularly popular.

Wall colors

modern master bedroom ideas

Wall paint brings a new look in the room. To change the look of the walls of the modern master bedroom, experts recommend using all possible combinations of materials and colors.

modern master bedroom ideas

And the most important trend is to create an accent wall bed. The fact that the election fell on the wall is no coincidence. After all, due to the fact that most of the time of your stay in the bedroom you spend in sleep so you do not see the wall, most likely that the wall colors, light, and unusual design will not annoy you. Therefore you can safely use contrasting vibrant colors, including black.

modern master bedroom ideas

Cream, gray and brown are popular colors that can be beautifully combined with a radiant shade or bright wall color. The colors white and light colors on the wall are a great choice for small modern master rooms, the room will look much bigger due to the light color of the wall, and even ceiling colors are therefore recommended for bright tones for such small master rooms.

modern master bedroom ideas

Dark colors appear dramatic and attractive at the same time, transforming ordinary rooms into expressive spaces. Tip: It is best to use a related wall color with ceiling and floor. If you like it more varied, use contrasting colors for strips or accessories.

Ideas for room colors

modern master bedroom ideas

A warm wall color like red or bright orange gives room glowing warmth; therefore it is suitable for rooms with north or east orientation, as these rooms rarely see the sun by nature. A rather cold wall color such as turquoise or cold blue dampens the bright sunlight in southern and western areas. Such shades also enlarge mini-rooms optically and have a relaxing effect. Cool wall paint is ideal for the modern master bedroom.

Which wall colors match each other?

modern master bedroom ideas

for those who can not quite decide to use other colors but the white color or bright neutral tones for painting the wall, they should be told: It takes no more than a little courage, the traditional color scheme and a choice of a harmonious or complementary color from the color wheel. Harmonious wall colors lie directly next to each other on the color wheel.

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Lighting of modern bedrooms

modern master bedroom ideas

And one of the things that clearly can’t be missing in any master bedroom that wishes to adopt the modern type of decoration is the lighting, which ensures the effect of the colors and the amplitude of the spaces. Therefore, special attention must be paid to the lighting. Also, you must be sure about the fact that it is lighting could change the look of the room. So, try to regulate the light source according to your needs. Choose between spotlights and modern chandeliers and do not forget the windows that will allow the natural lighting.

Curtains and mirrors

modern master bedroom ideas

I know that curtains and mirrors are not of the same category so what is the reason to put them with each other in this headline? I have a simple theory, about those two decorating objects. Curtains and mirrors affect the lighting more than any other object in the decor so if you have a small master bedroom you may have to use more mirrors in the room to reflect the lighting and increase the space of the room, for example, you can use mirrors as sliding doors for the closet. Also, you can opt for transparent curtains for the window to give the natural light the chance to enter the room easily. But if your bedroom has enough space and also has many lighting sources, using only one mirror for the dressing will be great. And for the curtains, you can choose whatever the kind of fabrics that fits the theme of the room.

Modern master bedroom linens

modern master bedroom ideas

One of the simplest ways to give the rooms a modern decoration is to opt for bed sets of rich and colorful textures, in attractive fabrics. The bed linen in shades such as pink, white, beige, gray, green and yellow are one of the most popular options, as well as the stripes and circles prints, which give the bedroom a greater appeal. Although striped and circles prints are very popular this season, you can also give life to the rooms by means of floral, geometric, ethnic prints, tree branches, and leaves. For those who prefer to decorate their rooms with more simple designs, they can choose monochromatic duvet covers since they gain popularity this season.

Rugs and carpets

modern master bedroom ideas

Choose simple designs of rugs and carpets for the room with bold colors and design. But the best choice for the bedroom with simple design and light colors are the rugs, and carpets which could make a difference so, choose one with a creative design.

modern master bedroom ideas

Put a personal touch and get your unique master bedroom by adding old suitcases, beautiful baskets, spongy cushions, numerous pillows, blankets of different textures, and plants. With scented candles that resemble smells from your favorite trips, here you can dream away and relax from everyday stress.


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