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Top 25 Living Rooms with TVs

Top 25 Living Rooms with TVs

Today we will talk about living rooms with TVs and how to choose the living room TV stands and furniture to create a stylish and functional interior.

Living rooms with TVs

The living room is in some way the face of our house, the public zone where we receive guests, spend time with friends, and gather with the whole family. At most of the design projects designs like, to begin with, the interior of the living room, and then on the basis of it, the concept of the rest of the apartment is built. The TV is one of the main elements of any living room, and the furniture around the TV deserves special attention.

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For the design of living rooms with TVs, you must create a cozy and refreshing atmosphere, that encourages spend and spend pleasant moments. As technology advances every day in creating televisions that provide high image quality, we must also design unique decorations to the living rooms with TVs. By placing a high-quality television in your living room, you will create an entertainment space where you can enjoy great movies.

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The first thing you should do is choose one of the walls where you can put the TV. Try to choose a wall with a space available to add the sound equipment. It is also recommended to add at the foot of the TV set a piece of furniture where you can keep the CDs neatly.

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Another very important point that you should consider is the furniture of the living rooms with TVs, this piece of furniture should be of an adequate size to space. It is also highly recommended that the furniture of the living rooms with TVs be placed in an orderly manner and that does not hinder the step to walk.

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Living room with fireplace and TV

Living room with fireplace and TV

Having a living room with fireplace and TV requires a balance. These two elements in the living room need a precise plan to give the space a touch of warmth and comfort. The different combinations can help achieve a harmonious place. We are about to give you some ideas to get a winning combination for your living room with fireplace and TV.

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  • Complete cohesion can be achieved if the television is placed just above the fireplace. This allows you to focus your attention on a single focus. For this, it is important that these two elements are united in some way, for example, you can try to surround them with wood.
  • Separated, having these two separate elements is complicated. However, the wood that surrounds the television and that also makes the frame on the wall where the fireplace is located allows a balance between both.
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  • Artistic form, try to play with the television and fireplace so that the two elements are part of a larger artistic composition.
  • The mix of the structure, the perfect harmony between the television and the fireplace is achieved by the differentiated structure of the wall in which they have been placed.
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  • Perfect alignment, the culmination of balance comes when in addition to placing the fireplace and television on top of each other, both are the same size. On the other hand, an asymmetrical distribution of the two elements with different sizes can bring a touch of modernity.
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Living room with fireplace and TV on different walls

Living room with fireplace and TV on different walls

A very common option is installing the TV above the fireplace. However, some experts do not advise to do so, as the eye will rush between the fire of the fireplace and the screen. They rather prefer to put the fireplace and TV on different walls. So, if your living room was large sized and has enough space, then you can safely deal with the design of the two thematic zones. Organize in one corner a TV-zone, and on the next wall, a relax zone with a warm fireplace.

Living room TV furniture

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When it comes to the living rooms with TVs, the arrangement and selection of furniture, the choice of finishing materials are carried out in such a way as to ensure the highest quality of picture and sound and also a cozy and comfortable stay.

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And for the lighting, the room should not have much lighting, because it can interrupt or reflect on the TV screen. Therefore, it is recommended that at the time of watching a movie you switch to soft lighting or you can also change the normal switches by dimmers. The dimmers are fundamental and highly recommended to be placed in the living rooms with TVs because they help to adjust the amount of light when watching a movie.


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