Home DIY Easy DIY Light Fixtures (Step by Step Instructions)

Easy DIY Light Fixtures (Step by Step Instructions)

Easy DIY Light Fixtures (Step by Step Instructions)

DIY light fixtures

Having an after thought about your current light fixtures? Thinking of remodeling your house lighting! Here is your ultimate guide for cool DIY light fixtures ideas. Let me tell you what your house lacks, it lacks the creativity and the spirit of crafted items! Check out this collection of ideas and get started with your favorite!

Easy Instructions DIY light fixtures


Mason Jar Light Fixtures DIY

You can never imagine how much beauty you can produce of some recycled jars. By the time that you’ve decided to give your DIYer personality a try. You can take a tour into these simple and chic DIY light fixtures with mason jars ideas.

DIY Mason jars with string lights - DIY Light fixtures
You can easily DIY a romantic mason jars lighting by using string lights like this!


DIY light fixtures with mason jars
Paint your mason jars with your favorite colors and attach light fixtures to their cap, then hang them anywhere you like!


using mason jars as lighting fixtures in the dark

This is an easy mason jar lighting hack you can DIY using glue sticks.

  1. Break a glue stick, this way you activate its lighting
  2. Cut the stick from the edge
  3. Use its liquid to make dots into your jar
  4. Repeat with different colored stick Turn your light off and see the magic!
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DIY lighting fixtures chandelier with mason jars

DIY light fixtures mason jars diy
Use any colored paper of your favorite, cover your jars using school glue. At this point lay candles in your mason jars and light them. You can keep the jars open for extra light.

Candles diy light fixtures

DIY lighting fixtures mason jars diy


DIY Ceiling Light Fixtures

Best ceiling light fixtures that you can do-it-yourself! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for further tutorials!

diy light fixtures

Mason jars diy fixtures ceiling

Pallet ceiling DIY light fixtures


DIY light fixtures ceiling step by step

DIY Pipe Light Fixtures

I myself have a thing for this lighting style, I love the steampunk style they add to the place that makes everyone going crazy about my home design! For this reason, I have brought you some ideas to start creating your own pipe light fixtures. Presuming you will fall for this style and go find the nearest hardware store to buy the materials. So I made it easier for you and brought the materials you’ll need to look for.

Tools needed to DIY light fixture in pipes

Required materials for pipe light fixtures

Now check out the below pictures and decide which style you’ll adopt. Actually, I ought to inform you, this style is not only for the ceiling or walls but also works as tables light fixtures and floor lamps!

The layout for your floor DIY light fixtures

This is the base layout…

Use this Diagram to DIY you pipe light fixtures


DIY Lighting fixtures using pipes

Pipe DIY lighting fixtures

Check the below vintage ceiling various styles you can DIY at home! Visit YouTube for the DIY tutorial!

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ceiling DIY light fixtures chandelier

DIY light fixtures easily done ideas

A variety of ideas on Pinterest!


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