7 Organic Gardening Tips & Ideas to Make It Easier

Now and since ever, taking good care of gardening was a priority for people who have gardens around their homes. However, these people always look for some easy organic gardening tips & ideas in order to facilitate this hard mission. Whether you own or rent a home with a garden, you will be happy to know these organic gardening tips & ideas that will help you take care of your garden with less work and stress.



7 Tips to Make Gardening Life Easier


It is not a rule that good gardeners were born in a family with big lands. Anyone can be a good gardener if he has the skills and the passion for gardening. Skills can be gained from reading about organic gardening tips & ideas and experiencing what you read to get the best organic food. Here we give you a few tips to help you out:

  1. Know more about your zone

Zones differ from one case to another, so you have to determine your zone and the best date to start planting in your area.

  1. Know your sun & shade areas.

 We all know that plants need sunlight to survive; therefore, you need to determine the sunniest areas, the part shade, and the shadiest ones in your yard. 

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In the sunniest areas where you have sunlight for 8-10 hours, you can plant vegetables and get the healthiest plants possible.

Additionally, use partial sun areas where you get approximately 3-5 hours a day to plant the part-day sun plants, while in the shadiest areas you can put plants which don’t need sun.

  1. Learn about plants

Besides for needing sunlight, there is a difference between an annual and a perennial plant, plants that animals could eat, plants that need a lot of water, plants that need high temperature, those which can only grow up in summer, fall, spring, the expected tall for each plant and more.


  1. It’s all about the soil

The secret of good plants is the soil, that’s why we see the healthiest plants growing in the soils rich with compost, well-aged manure and other organic amendments. However, it is not about the quantity but the quality and right ways to use these amendments.

5.Plant at the right time.

You determined your zone, now you also have to check the soil for the best planting time. You have to test your soil, if it is wet and holds together in a ball, then it is not the best time to plant it. In this case, it is better to wait more time until the soil is crumbly.

  1. Give plants enough space.

We often plant the seeds, then we find them too close to each other when they grow up. It is a big problem as we can’t imagine how these small seeds will turn to big plants in a few weeks.


  1. Learn simple pruning rules

Pruning is very important for your trees and plants, but you even have to learn the right way to do it or ask for help.

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These are the top 7 organic gardening tips & ideas you need to keep in mind to make sure that your plants will go green.


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